New England, Part II

This post was delayed quite a bit due to the duties and responsibilities of my real job, but….

A few days after New Year’s Eve, our friend took us on a beautiful drive into the mountains of New Hampshire. On the way up to Bretton Woods, we stopped by the Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewing Company in North Conway.


I’m not typically a fan of fruit flavored beers (lambics are probably an exception), but the Miss V’s Blueberry Ale wasn’t bad. It was pleasant with just a subtle flavor of distinctive blueberry. I could see this being quite nice on a summer day. Their regular house beers included the following:

The Czech pilsner was buttery and smooth. Not usually a pilsner drinker, but this was more interesting than most.

The Bone Shaker Brown was nutty, and smelled like Fat Tire. Hints of maple and hazelnut. Smooth.

The Smoke House Porter was interesting in that you could definitely taste the smoke, which is fitting for a BBQ joint. It was chocolatey with some distinctive bitterness.

The Square Tail Stout was similar in style and taste to the Smoke House Porter, but thicker. It was similarly smoky and smooth.

Then, I had a few others (the ones listed in green on the menu) which were seasonals. These were actually quite a bit better than their regular house beers, as they tended to be more flavorful and assertive, but I wasn’t taking notes because at some point, you have to just concentrate on the drinking.



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