Monkey Paw Beers

At the Bellows again last night. Tried a couple of beers by Monkey Paw.

The Lab Monkey IPA was well-balanced and hoppy. Fruity, but not particularly citrusy or floral. It was sort of a deep golden, almost orange-golden color. It’s 6.5% ABV. Decent IPA (on the left, in the pictures above and below). We had some pretty good flat breads, but the Lab Monkey paired particularly well with the Whiskey Burger done medium rare.

The Lup’d Up was a 4.5% ABV saison brewed with rhubarb. This was ok. I am not really familiar with rhubarb, and we decided to give it a go. This beer was sort of a Belgian white style, and kind of had the body of a wheat beer. The color was an opaque sunshine yellow. It was bitter and tart and a bit lacking in substance (on the right, in the pictures above and below).






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