Everest at 4 Months

Everest turned 4 months recently. She celebrated her first Halloween, and went trick-or-treating with Sister and buddies Connor and Ellie. She also enjoyed friends visiting from Indiana this month. Auntie Belen and Uncle Tony made her laugh many times, and she had a lot of fun at home with extra attention from loved ones.

It’s been a good first three months of life. However, beginning the end of October and through the first 2+ weeks of November, she was also abandoned by her mother, who had to work long hours in trial, leaving early in the morning, and working late into the night. Might as well not have a mom at all, horrible. Fortunately, a defense verdict was reached on November 19, so that Mom could resume momming.

Everest also went on her first hike. She was fussy at times, but caught a little bit of sunshine and did pretty well overall.



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