Everest at 10 Months

At the blink of an eye, another month has slipped by us! Everest’s 10th month of being alive coincided with Mother’s Day this year, and we had a nice late afternoon picnic at the San Elijo Town Square.

Everest is continuing to get into cabinets, pulling things off shelves, and putting random things into her mouth! Over literally the period of a handful of days, we lost our docile baby, who is now trying to assert her desires. She has started arching her back, practicing passive resistance, and crying when being removed from certain situations, or objects (cabinets, drawers, a variety of non-baby-safe items). 

She discovered a love of making big splashes in the bath, and has started to resist when you try to take things out of her hand. She likes to hit stuff and climb stairs.

She has started to enjoy eating strawberries and scrambled eggs. She even ate kimchi and loved it. She also discovered peaches, and will eat a whole peach until she’s stripped the pit bare. She even knows how to spit the pit out when she’s done.

She likes to crawl after Fiona, who is patient and tolerates some rough patting and pets that go against the grain of her fur. She also likes to put her face up against Fiona’s fur to smell (or kiss?) her.

She stands up a lot and has taken a handful of steps. She has been to the zoo a few times before, but for the first time has started to notice the attractions and look at the animals. She had an eventful month. Aside from going to the zoo, she got to see uncle Frank again, and explored the San Diego Children’s museum with Vale and friends.

Everest has also started to bounce to music and enjoy splashing in buckets of water on our back patio. She has started to play games with sister (below, pictured playing restaurant or ice cream store).



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