Everest at 6 Months

Everest has continued to be a pretty chill and easy baby. Her sister makes her laugh (but also occasionally cry), and she continues to enjoy eating a variety of foods. She is starting to smile and laugh a lot more, though she still primarily prefers her very serious look. Her first tooth is starting to make its appearance, but she has not been particularly fussy about it. She is starting to take more notice of Fiona, and reaches out for her at times.

She visited the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens for the first time, and tagged along at a birthday party Vale attended.

She’s gone on a few hikes now, with us, and with Grandma and Papa. Sometimes she’s mellow, other times, she complains a lot, so we’re still working on this.

Later in January, she made her first international trip across the border to good old Rosarito for about a day and a half, where she ate some guacamole at Burrito Playground, and had some small bites of cabeza taco. She was very good on the trip, but got understandably fussy with the long border wait on the way back.

The last weekend of January, she celebrated her first Chinese New Year, and received her first red envelopes. It meant nothing to her, and she tried to eat it, but that’s OK. It will go into the college fund.