Scenes from Quarantine: Furniture

We moved back to our old house after shelter-in-place was instituted, and found furnishing a bit of a challenge, with so many stores shut down. However, being stuck at home and having a little extra time isn’t always a bad thing. Working from home definitely has its perks: no commute, and lunch hour can be put to use doing household stuff. I repainted a 15- year old Ikea chair.

I put together a couple of shelves for Vale’s room, spray-painted a chrome toilet paper holder that was rusting, and also painted our rusty gate in the side yard.

Furniture stores were largely closed, so we surfed Craigslist and Facebook market for used dining tables, but ended up going another route: custom built. This is probably more typically used as outdoor patio furniture, but we like the look. The next step was chairs. Ikea was closed for an extended period of time, and their online/delivery service was straight-up incompetent, so we waited…and waited… and waited on chairs…

Until the very Ikea chairs we intended to buy came up for sale on Facebook market for $10 each ($25 new). They were already put together, which was a bonus, and were very easy to sand and spray paint.

I also bought an unnecessary but complementary side table for our master bedroom from Facebook market for $5. I wasn’t really looking for a table, but it was only $5, and spray painting is fun. I rather liked the result after sanding and painting, along with a new knob from Home Depot (for only $2).

Fiona too, is enjoying the new furniture, along with beautiful fresh cut roses from our yard.