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bitter time runs frantic always chanting about summer lust and sordid sausages drunk as a mad goddess on honey the delirious black shadow screams a symphony crushes the raw mist soaring in the lake and dreams the sun away


sweet peach music sings a light whisper in a garden of spring roses spraying languid honey dreams over lazy forest rocks my arm in yours bare feet and the misty sea the summer wind and the moon the shadow and tiny petals soar and shine


the enormous black apparatus lies still sleeping with a thousand bitter shadows never recalling the delirious rust sky and lazy purple wind pounding, singing, whispering a quick storm beneath

Cat Ghost

she woke me up one gray morning back from the dead seeking answers from me why two years before my death did you create upheaval invite noise and chaos test the limits of my anxiety


There’s no other word for it. But the coffee was better and more substantial today, probably because I used hotter water. I read Camus’s The Stranger, and was angry, though it engaged me more than John Updike’s Run Rabbit, which I started last night, and didn’t particularly feel like continuing. I did yoga, and was angry. I […]

Day 1 of Quarantine

Started the day at 5:30 a.m. with French Press coffee. Brought my own coffee grounds and French Press because I can’t leave to get coffee at 7-11 or Family Mart. I know my own dependency so came prepared. Haven’t made French Press coffee since Ana showed me in 2009, when I visited her in Greensboro. […]

Scenes from Quarantine: Furniture

We moved back to our old house after shelter-in-place was instituted, and found furnishing a bit of a challenge, with so many stores shut down. However, being stuck at home and having a little extra time isn’t always a bad thing. Working from home definitely has its perks: no commute, and lunch hour can be […]


sometimes when I put on a little too much makeup drink a little too much and smile in a certain way in the fuzzier hours of night I see her face in mine at first a shock but then I welcome it because I find it’s the closest thing to bringing her back to life from […]

Black Fiona

sometimes in the afternoon sun I catch my black cat out of the corner of my eye in the magical recesses of periphery and I see instead my dead black cat gone for over a year slinking toward me her claws tapping the cold kitchen tile fat slow and so endearingly ordinary looking for solace […]


Well, I said, sipping cold coffee in the sun Your hero – He could stop neither time nor his sister’s moral degradation and You two look like a couple of washed-out whores. You gonna make some money tonight? You see? Here we are Two decades later Also unable to stop time and our own moral […]


Was the last straw They used to chain smoke together on her balcony and laugh at the morning dew Make cocktails in the early evening and talk about the future I used to watch them and think Maybe this is it But he inevitably disappointed her With his bad cocaine habit Joblessness Unreliability Weight gain […]


He was irritated, she could tell, and she said not to worry, but I have actually slept with 69 people, as of this day, June 9, and can you feel the syphilis eating away at your own brain? Myself, I have less thoughts these days. All the better as I deliver this morose letter to […]


I heard them in the bunk above didn’t like the way he said her name but she liked it, giggled until her cheeks were pink and eyes were bright Until two weeks later he said He was driving across the country with his ex girlfriend Mary And I fed her whiskey all night then held […]

a rainy night long ago

if she looked into the dark far enough hard enough she could smell that night its rain and promises then the mustiness of old youth appears dusted off in the sunshine like a stranger knocking on the door

the night

we were looking at the pulsing stars then we blinked and the sky was gone i reminded him i did not promise you anything

Don’t Leave Me in Cyberspace Let’s Go Get Coffee

Don’t leave me here with him in cyberspace  But she always did In filthy cyberspace, or at a table in our coffee shop with old men And her thoughts left with her on the last train taking flight before he sat down across from me You’re Christian, aren’t you? No, no I am not. I […]

Scenes from Quarantine: Food

We cook a lot anyways, but having an extra 40 minutes a day because there’s no commute to/from work just makes cooking that much easier. The usual: salsa and hummus with our beloved food processor. I did not know I needed a food processor in my life when Michael bought us one in 2008, but […]

Scenes from Quarantine: Beer

The last couple of years, I’ve migrated my preferred beer selection from standard IPA’s to hazy IPA’s. They tend to be fruitier, lighter, and easier to drink, and are particularly delicious in the warm weather. However, they lack the potent, bitter, hoppiness of original IPA’s and the sweetness comes through more, so sometimes, after a […]


The first sentence of her novel came to her 2 minutes before she fell asleep, then slipped into the vagueness of night, never to return. However, she did remember The second time she was at his apartment, she found a stranger’s purse under his pillow. It belonged to a beautiful, delicate, Russian girl who majored […]

Whispering Willow

the willow wobbled at me in the wind and whispered asking me when i’ll have free will again

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” -- Oscar Wilde

五花馬,千金裘, 呼兒將出換美酒, 與爾同銷萬古愁。