Everest at 3 Months

Everest is a tall girl, measuring in the 90th percentile. She is scowly and does not smile much. She wears a slightly disturbed or exasperated look on her face often, particularly when Sister crowds her space with excessive hugs and kisses. Her head smells like pineapples.

She is a pretty easygoing baby, but does not like to be alone. She attended a birthday party with Mom in Fullerton, and screamed most of the drive back home because she was in the backseat all by herself (she was napping on the way there). She has a serious case of Fomo. If other people are around and doing stuff and she can’t see, she gets agitated.

She gets a lot of love and attention from her big sister, and she doesn’t yet know how lucky she is. Every morning, the first thing Vale does when she wakes up, is run into our room and give Everest hugs and kisses.

Everest at 2 Months

We have now kept Everest alive for a whole 2 months. (*Pats self on back*) She is a fairly quiet and easy baby. She recently started sleeping in 9 hour stretches just in time for mom to return to work (we’ll see if she keeps it up). She often wears an inquisitive look, or a frown. Frowning is her favorite. She surprised us by lifting her head and chest off the floor completely, for the very first time, when we set her down to take 2 month photos.

She is very fortunate to have a sister who is sweet and kind, and looks forward to playing with her every day. Her head is a little flat on the right side, so we have been trying to be extra attentive with tummy time and holding/wearing her instead of letting her lie on her back. Hopefully we can avoid a head helmet situation.

And one of our first (the first???) picture as a family of four:

Everest at 1 Month

Everest has been with us a whole month now. Everyone is adjusting. I’m adjusting to maternity leave (half over now), Vale is adjusting to being a big sister (very well, I might add), Kyle is adjusting to being a Dad to two, and Everest is adjusting to…. life. Existence. Not being a fetus. Acquiring human status, which is a big fucking deal!

Fiona is also adjusting. She’s kept her cool and been as sweet as always, but we know she’s secretly thinking, “Oh god… again? Why? Why? Meow meow, meow meow.”

Everest is still a little funny-looking, like a lot of newborns. She’s lost some hair, and has that same old-man receding hairline her sister did. She also has some flaky skin. But we can’t say anything about her looks around Vale, who gets very defensive about it.

It’s funny how you forget after less than a handful of years, all the stuff newborns do – breathe funny, make weird noises, flop around because they don’t have any muscle strength. It’s a little surreal, but we are a family of 4 now.