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Preggo Shopping

Over the weekend, I drove down to Pacific Beach to my husband’s cousin Amy’s pad, where she had laid out a beautiful spread of snacks and drinks on her dinner table for a ladies’ day. Her smorgasboard included sweet peppers, a whipped garlic spread, brie, homemade fig jam, plum preserves, baguette slices, tapenade, among other […]

Preggo Book Review

Expecting Better by Emily  Oster This was the first pregnancy-related book I read. My husband picked it, and I loved it (not pictured above because he bought it for us in Kindle form). Emily Oster, an economics professor at the University of Chicago, describes her motivation in writing this book: “When I got pregnant, I […]

Being Preggo: The Good Parts

Doctor’s Appointments Ultrasounds are fun! It’s amazing what medical technology has done for humanity. Just a couple of months in, you can see your little fetus bouncing around and waving her hand inside your belly. It’s neat-o. She looks like a little alien and sucks her thumb. By the time of the anatomy scan around […]

Preggo Complaints

I am making this list because I have read from more than one source that evolution is such that a woman conveniently forgets the discomforts of pregnancy and labor, because if she didn’t, she’d be less inclined to reproduce quite as frequently. This is concerning because I believe in making informed decisions, and if my […]

How I Found Out I was Pregnant

This is a true story and it could happen to you. My brother was in town for the holidays, and I planned some brewery hopping for a Friday night. It was a really nice, sunny, warm day in December (23rd), even by San Diego standards. I ran stairs at the beach after work, went home […]

Refugee Family Reunites With Lost Cat After Epic Journey

I consider myself emotionally balanced most of the time, though I am prone to sentimentality over cats and rage over matters involving violations of human and civil rights. I think pregnancy has slightly magnified these tendencies of mine and today, I came across a moving story that encompassed both of these issues. Cats, human rights […]

The Thorn

These haikus came to mind while I was awaiting my turn to be heard by a judge at a court hearing. Thorn I Many years ago She was warned but did not heed Now she must atone   Thorn II She glanced at his soul Perceived a bitter rotting Silently, she left

Cafe Conversation

She invented the cloudy dreaminess in boys eyes and their obvious intentions, While drinking a golden tea rendered from a sunburst of alien tentacles with a red heart. He explains he is a budding musician and believes in god so she asks why and says You can find god in pews, or resounding from the […]


With dangerous ambivalence they were rampaging the streets She sees herself everywhere in mirrors, holding rainbow glasses of drinks Until she finds herself sinking between his sheets Breathing warmth out of her veins, suspecting that if she blinks She might erase it all with the pulse of the night and a parting of the lips […]

Sunset Boulevard

It was an aimless time in the rain whiskey burning in the veins and someone whispered please sleep but sleep bribes with the most useless promises and giving in is the most undignified part of the day, when forced ripples of unconsciousness threaten to be continuous so they used small, orange dolls to force wakefulness with a […]

Running Home at Night

running home in heels with the pleasant floating of the hour and bearable ticking of days she always knew unrequited emotion would result in a loneliness that beats against all sense so she was receding with the distance losing her patience in the thick tropical forests between them it was a predictable resignation, between unfamiliar […]


drifting in and out of sleep floating through disturbances of phone calls and scrambled details of a faraway night-glory when riddled with shivers she found a warm body, let herself crumble to elusive plans not her own, victim to sloshing in the head, a warm bloody release of the fulfillment. she slept alone above a […]


Exasperated, she is baffled The earth keeps spinning Even as she wanes and unravels, shriveling in her transient prison She fears in time she will not remember if he was hers or If she created this love in her sleep, out of lonely lunacy The years promise to bleed and dissolve them with a flash […]


i daydream about waking up in his apartment between cocoon sheets and quietly folded dreams of the faded night before and padding down the hallway on his pine wood floors in the morning as a crisp reminder of reality but he never calls me so let us stare mindlessly at the yellow roses by the […]

The Biased Media

The media is composed of countless sources, created by innumerable individuals, every single one of whom has biases. But Trump supporters are fucking delusional if they think “the media” is particularly or especially based toward their President. I give you exhibit A, which popped up in my Facebook Feed today: The title of this piece […]

Art Class 3/19 and 3/26/17

We started some still life painting with acrylics using only one color (besides black and white), and worked on it over two classes. I was not terribly stoked about the end result, but I got to a point where I really did not know what else to do with it.


she worked daily to make him but a smear in her thoughts when she is drinking iced tea he appears on the patio sometimes, softened by sunlight and appearing innocuous when the night air is falling and rippling around her vague intent to conquer and the Los Angeles concrete is fluid, snaking brightly in the dark […]


chasteness chastity celibacy abstinence virtuous reserved whore she caught sight of herself in the mirror, presiding over vomit-laced sinks and briefly searches for the terrible fish in the reaches of the silver pool but is relieved the bathroom god is merciful when the time pulses slowly, the air moves like waves he said you smell […]


i was getting close content rolling on the counter at the community pool fleshy limbs on pleasant concrete sipping a milky mixer scrolling down my phone for people to call boiling alive in the jacuzzi alongside people who might be my neighbors i can smell the chlorine on my skin when i move and remember […]

The Beach

June 27, 2004 sober for 7 days I was lucid and smug The sand told tales of tan lines, gold and shade taking turns on bodies resting on graininess In the city with the highest concentration of fake beautiful people second only to Hollywood Smooth young skins vie for afternoon bronze with books in hand, […]

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” -- Oscar Wilde

五花馬,千金裘, 呼兒將出換美酒, 與爾同銷萬古愁。