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Libertarians Who Think Women Are More Prone to Socialism Are Fucking Idiots

Idiotic misogynists, to be precise. If people harboring such sexist opinions took just two seconds to think about history and everything that is completely obvious to any non-comatose human, they would instantly conclude there is absolutely no credibility to the claim women prefer big government, authoritarianism, socialism, or collectivism, when compared to men. Let us […]

Unmedicated Birth?

Although my mother and mother-in-law both gave birth without the assistance of epidural analgesia, this does not appear to be the norm for most women, at least in the current times. I do not go around broadcasting that I plan to have an unmedicated birth, because I really have no clue how it will ultimately […]

Wonder Woman: A Step Backwards for Feminism

Wonder Woman isn’t a step forward for women; it’s a step backwards. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the entire culture surrounding it, including the contrived all-female screenings, hype about the female director, and hype about the “strength” of the leading lady, reeks of a patronizing and condescending appeal to my feminism. The lead is […]


He wrote insincere love letters that were genuine only the minute the pencil was on the paper She could not turn him into a poet or an artist So she diluted his memory like the others Intending to shed him like a transient snakeskin but His scent originated from a purple star and she could […]


We were interchangeable from time to time, Occasionally marbling and entangling until The swirls of color were infinite and inextricable   Under the bridge You browsed the newspaper With a cigarette hanging from your red lips and I laughed On the veranda we floated under the sun Golden from dawn and youth You stood next […]


She blinked and caught his weakness; he was secretly studying her face and looking away when she noticed. Could you leave me? Yes. Yes you could.  Her body was a dark slush folding into him in the hopes of forgetfulness She slept while he was gone, and before he returned, her head was full of […]

Happy Birthday, Husband

Dear Husband, You must know this, but I love you so very much. I love your smile and your slate-blue eyes with their gold flecks that are more noticeable in the sunlight. More importantly, I want to say thank you for how amazing you have been during the last 6 1/2 months. Thank you for […]

Daydream II

When she is with him there is a wild-eyed vulnerability in his face that makes her fall again and again, something uncertain and anticipatory when he leans in and she had an urge to reach for his hand on the cliff, overlooking rippling forests in relentless existence. She traveled across Mexico with him in her […]

Moon Shadows

Her shoes were the color of sunshine and she radiated beams from her forehead After a night of boxed wine and vodka She lost her fading resolve in the moon shadows and fog while seagulls flaunted their freedom and mocked her And the waves sighed like tired gods at the resignation of human existence Taking […]

Sunset Boulevard II

She misjudged, flooded her burning unrestrained veins, and while she fearfully fantasized she would fall in love to a symphony of bad songs again, her quiet friend in the corner was feeling a secret silence creep in from the corners of the diner. The flash of lights and obscene billboards of Sunset Strip beat against […]


When your sleeping breath heaves out a tropical breeze Whispering across the steady streams of my back the waves of my spine The warm rhythm of ripples does not end until I am in a dream of Hot white sand on my thighs palms rustling behind And the cerulean crystal expanse before us is urging […]

A Little Perspective

I’m not big on frozen desserts, but sometimes I’ll have a couple of ounces of frozen yogurt topped with fresh blueberries, mangoes, and raspberries. My favorite ice cream is Hagen Dazs Rum Raisin, but I probably only buy the smallest sized carton of this once a year, if that. Being a frequenter of Yelp events, […]

I Feel Like Being A Bitch Today

Some dumb bitch called me twice from a private number and accused me of obsessively calling her boyfriend. I did not pick up the first time and she left a message asking why I was calling her boyfriend repeatedly. The second time, I figured I’d pick up to let her know she clearly had the […]

Never Fuck Men Who Are Anti-Abortion

The Brisbane Times reports a Catholic school teacher threatened  to send an email to the staff and parents of the school at which he worked with a colleague if the colleague went through with a planned abortion. He has been charged with 3 counts of rape for threatening to release explicit videos and mar the […]


she was the straying lover smoking triple purple haze across his street, while watching the lights in his window. a heavy euphoria weighing down the eyelids, limbs, and the air until the night wore thin and she was aware only of shadows converging before a shuddering luminescence, forced to confess to existence, imaginary rapists coming in and […]

Desert Trip

The moments are slow when daylight rules and regulates with its majestic restraint and royal logic but They were driving between canyons and she thought the sky was hers Imagined she was immortal Dreamed she had him once Held a piece of his existence closely, secretly After traffic had dulled the senses she found her […]

Irvine II

she was walking and the paper bag was ready to tear out of her hand from the weight of the hard rain and daydreaming she absorbed the whole cosmos of the winter day into the folds of her brain, streams of hot hatred searing through sulci and gyri until she walked through the double doors […]

Alcohol IV

Jack Daniels in hand she wandered to the boy who had insisted on following her about like a puppy dog all night took a lock of his hair between two fingers and told him his shaggy, dirty blond hair was cute. He touched her lips once and she ran but he kept calling her at […]


He puppets her so that she flushes every thought from her head and Forces all other sensations from her flesh Until she falls asleep against his warm chest She would see him in heaven if she were allowed in those ranks But one’s own destruction is always more invigorating than another’s So she continued drowning […]

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” -- Oscar Wilde

五花馬,千金裘, 呼兒將出換美酒, 與爾同銷萬古愁。