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Stone/4 Hands/Bale Breaker Sorry Not Sorry Peach IPA: 9.3% ABV. Double IPA. Longest name ever, due to the multiple collaborators. I wasn’t on planning on making it a double IPA night, but I saw the description about peaches, and could not help myself. I love Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin, and was definitely excited to try this peach IPA. It did not disappoint. It was very hoppy, full, and had a nice, soft, peach flavor. It was fruity and delicious, but not too sweet or syrupy:


Favorable Stout: 6.1% ABV, American Stout brewed by Ol’ Burro. I used to be wary of canned beers, but I’m starting to get over that. Malty, smooth, flavorful. A nice find. I think I picked it up at Trader Joe’s.


Went to a tamale festival recently and bought some beer tickets. Aztec had a booth and I had both the Hibiscus Wheat and Noche De Los Muertos. The Noche De Los Muertos Imperial Stout was good. Flavorful, deep, with lovely winter spices. I also saw these beers with skulls on them (awesome). I didn’t end up trying any of them, because they were all looked a bit light for my taste (lager, bock types), but they looked awesome:




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